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Pear, Conference

Pyrus communis Conference

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    Maiden, Quince A, Bare Root (Pre-order (Plants not dormant))

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    Br = Bare Root Plant, Maidn = Maiden
    Rootstock - Quince A

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Conference is internationally viewed as the definitive English Pear. Heavy cropping reliable pear with classic, long, pyriform shape and almost covered in a fine russet. The flesh is buttery and finely textured, creamy-white, firm, sweet and juicy and is sometimes salmon-pink tinged in the centre when perfectly ripe. Suitable for growing throughout the United Kingdom, and reliable even in unfavourable conditions. A good pollinator, but is popular as a garden variety as it is self-fertile but is better with a pollinator. Raised in 1885 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire and first exhibited in that year at the British Pear Conference, hence its name. It is now the main commercially grown variety in the U.K. and also in Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France and is produced in northern Spain.


Pear, Conference is in pollination group 3, it is reasonably self-fertile but will fruit better with a pollinator. Choose a pollinator in group 2, 3 or 4, click here for a list of suitable pears trees.

Pear, Conference is available as:

Br = Bare Root Plant

Maiden - A maiden tree is a single stemmed tree which has not been trained so can be trained into whatever form you wish. It typically is between 1-2 metres tall and will have a few side shoots.

Bare-Root Plants

Bare-root plants are sold without a pot/soil around the roots. This is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of growing plants. To ensure the best plant health we do not store our plants in cold storage, but they are left in our field or plant beds until they are ready for packing or collection.

Items marked Br are bare rooted plants grown from cuttings and are typically 1-2 years old.


Bare rooted plants are only available when the plants are dormant (typically from late November to March).

If a plant is currently out of stock because it is out of season (for example, bare rooted plants in summer) or we have sold out but we are expecting more to be available you can pre-order the plant. We only charge credit/debit cards when an order is despatched, not when an order is placed.


Rootstocks are used to restrict the vigour of fruit trees and allow a range to grow in a small space. They can also contribute to the disease resisting abilities of the plant.[from RHS - Update]

Quince A - A semi-vigorous rootstock that is suitable for growing fan, cordon, bush, central leader, half-standard and espalier trees. Typically fruits after 4 years and requires staking for 5 years. Tree spacing 3-4.5m (10-15ft). Ultimate height as trained as bush: 3-4.5m (10-15ft).

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      Group 3
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    • Type/Rootstock
      Maiden, Quince A, Bare Root
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    • Rootstock
      Quince A
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      Mid October to Late November
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    • Old English Variety
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      RHS Award of Garden Merit
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