Cobnuts and filberts - These are easy to grow and they fruit readily but squirrels may be a problem for some gardeners.  If unpruned they will get to be impressive bushes some 2 to 3 metres high with the same spread, but they are easily ‘tamed’ and actually make attractive fruiting hedges.  They do require a well-drained soil and if the soil is poor in nutrients they will still fruit well. They are best planted in full sun or partial shade and in spring when carrying their many catkins they are very ornamental.

Walnuts - All varieties of walnuts are attractive trees which bear masses of long green catkins in spring which slowly turn black. They have pinnate foliage, silvery bark and all parts have a distinctive sweet, aromatic smell. They have been in the country since at least the sixteenth century, possibly since Roman times. They prefer a heavy, moist soil but will thrive in others. Do not plant where late frosts occur. We also sell Common Walnut in our tree section.

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