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Native Tree Collection

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We are offering this collection of native trees either to plant in existing hedges, to intersperse in new hedges, or to plant in mixed copses. Native trees, especially Oak, can make a valuable contribution to wildlife habitat and some will have an economic value as a source of home grown hardwood.

The basic collection of five trees will be the varieties (120-150cm/4-5ft) Common Alder, Bird Cherry, English Oak, Mountain Ash and Field Maple. For orders of 5 or more collections, we shall increase the number of varieties in the collection of 5 trees to include Small-leaved Lime and Wild Cherry. Occasionally we may substitute other varieties of native trees. If a customer specifies we can include any native poplars or willows, or the Wild Cherry which can be substituted into the basic collection.

Native Tree Collection is available as:

Tr = Bare Root Transplant

Bare-Root Plants (Transplants)

Bare-root plants are sold without a pot/soil around the roots. This is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of growing plants. To ensure the best plant health we do not store our plants in cold storage, but they are left in our field or plant beds until they are ready for packing or collection.

Transplanted plants have been lifted from the ground and replanted. This encourages a better fibrous root system and makes the plant stronger and bushier.


Bare rooted plants are only available when the plants are dormant (typically from late November to March).

If a plant is currently out of stock because it is out of season (for example, bare rooted plants in summer) or we have sold out but we are expecting more to be available you can pre-order the plant. We only charge credit/debit cards when an order is despatched, not when an order is placed.

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