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Mint, Mojito

Mentha villosa Mojito

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Up until about 2005 this mint was rare to find outside Cuba, but in Cuba it was used to make Mojitos Cocktail. Its large, oval, crinkled leaves have a citrusy flavour which is mild and sweet. An interesting mint with other uses than cocktails – in salads and summer fruit drinks. Its violet flowers in the summer are attractive to bees. Plant in sun or partial shade. It will die down in the winter but shoot again in spring.

Mints are rich in nutrients have many medicinal uses. Keep varieties of mint apart as they readily hybridize. Also, as mint is a rapid spreader, it is best restricted in some way, for example, planted in a large pot sunk into the ground. For preserving, cut leaves before the purple flowers appear in summer. Mint is edible either raw or cooked, Plant in sun or partial shade.

Height 60cm, (2ft), spread 60 - 90cm (2 - 3ft).

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      Pot Grown (9cm Pot)