Cherry, Stella
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Cherry, Stella

Prunus avium Stella

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Maiden G5 Br
Maiden Colt Br
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    Br = Bare Root Plant, Maidn = Maiden, Bush = Trained as Bush
    Rootstocks - Colt, Gisela 5

    VAT is not chargeable on these plants.

Reliable Canadian variety introduced in 1968. Juicy excellent flavoured large dark red cherries, sweet and delicious and ready to pick late July. Good cropper, vigorous upright growth. Self-fertile. Award of Garden Merit. The attractive blossom is a sought after by bees. Supplied bare rooted on Colt rootstock (a semi-dwarfing rootstock) or on Giesla rootstock (a dwarfing rootstock ideal for a small garden).

Planting distance: Bush and fan-trained 3.7 - 4.6m (12 - 15ft), half standard 4.6 - 6m (15 - 20ft).

Cherry, Stella is Self Fertile.

Cherry, Stella is available as:

Br = Bare Root Plant

Maiden - A maiden tree is a single stemmed tree which has not been trained so can be trained into whatever form you wish. It typically is between 1-2 metres tall and will have a few side shoots.

Bush - This a maiden tree that has had its main stem cut to encourage branches low to the ground making it easier to pick and maintain.

Bare-Root Plants

Bare-root plants are sold without a pot/soil around the roots. This is a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of growing plants. To ensure the best plant health we do not store our plants in cold storage, but they are left in our field or plant beds until they are ready for packing or collection.

Items marked Br are bare rooted plants grown from cuttings and are typically 1-2 years old.


Bare rooted plants are only available when the plants are dormant (typically from late November to March).

If a plant is currently out of stock because it is out of season (for example, bare rooted plants in summer) or we have sold out but we are expecting more to be available you can pre-order the plant. We only charge credit/debit cards when an order is despatched, not when an order is placed.


Rootstocks are used to restrict the vigour of fruit trees and allow a range to grow in a small space. They can also contribute to the disease resisting abilities of the plant.[from RHS - Update]

Colt - A semi-vigorous rootstock that is suitable for growing bush, half standard and fan trees. Typically fruits after 3 or 4 years and requires staking. Tree spacing 6m (20ft).

Gisela 5 - A semi-dwarfing rootstock that is suitable for growing bush, half standard and fan trees. Typically fruits after 3 or 4 years and requires staking. Tree spacing 2.7m (9ft). Ultimate height as trained as bush: 2.4-3m (8-10ft). Best for fertile, loamy soils.

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      Maiden, Gisela 5, Bare Root
      Maiden, Colt, Bare Root
      Bush, Colt, Bare Root
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      Gisela 5
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      Late July
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      RHS Award of Garden Merit