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AquaGel and FertiGel Water Storing Crystals

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AquaGel 400g
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FertiGel 200g

AquaGel is the ideal product to use alongside Rootgrow to get your plants off to a really good start, unless you are planting into soil that is always wet. The Water Storing Crystals provides constant moisture and helps over or under watering.

When water is added the crystals swell up to 400 times their weight and slowly release the water back when needed thus reducing the frequency that watering is needed.

Use one scoop for every 5 litres of compost or soil, and mix thoroughly before planting and water well. Alternatively, you can rake in 50g per square metre into dry soil.

We also sell FertiGel which includes a fertiliser that will be released slowing throughout a growing season. Both can be used with indoor or outdoor plants.

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      AquaGel 400g
      AquaGel 800g
      FertiGel 200g