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Cydonia oblonga Champion

Quinces are very attractive so are grown as ornamental specimens as well as for their early produced fruit. They produce many large, solitary, blush-pink flowers in spring followed by pear-shaped, excellent flavoured, very aromatic fruits in autumn, which store well. These are good for jam, jelly, wine or added to apple dishes where they add a wonderful extra flavour. Self-fertile but produces even better crops if two different varieties are planted. Quinces need a warm position and a moist soil and flourish as waterside specimens.

Medium-sized, apple-shaped fruit of distinctive flavour. Flesh turns a pink colour on cooking. Half standard trees available for collection from Garden Centre.
Self-fertile. Rootstock Quince A. Supplied bare rooted. Plant 10-12ft (3-3.7m) apart.

Season of Use: Oct

16.95 Bare rooted stock will be available
from Nov., see below/right.

All prices include VAT where applicable.

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