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Prunus armeniaca Tomcot

APRICOT, TOMCOT (Prunus armeniaca Tomcot)
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New Canadian variety that has revolutionised apricot growing in Europe. Attractive compact tree producing superb juicy fruits. Self-fertile.
Best grown as a fan trained tree against a west, south-west or south wall where it will need a minimum area of 12ft wide (3.6m) and 6ft high (2 metres). They will crop as free standing trees in a sheltered sunny position free from late frosts. Plant 15-18ft (4.6-5.5m) apart. Young trees suitable for growing as bush or fan-trained trees. Rootstock St. Julien A.

Season of Use: Early to mid Aug.

21.95 Bare rooted stock will be available
from Nov., see below/right.

Pg = Pot grown.

All prices include VAT where applicable.

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