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Create your own pear or quince trees by using the age old art of grafting. It is an excellent way to make a young tree from an old favourite which is now old and not fruiting well, to create a tree from an unknown but delicious variety in a friendís garden or it is even a way of taking a favourite from your own garden to a new garden if you are moving house. All you will need will be the scion wood from the tree, an appropriate rootstock, a good knife, some grafting sealant and some grafting tape.

If the idea of producing your own fruit tree appeals to you but you know you do not have the appropriate skills, then come to our annual Graft and Grow (Apple Scion Swap) Event held over a weekend in February. At this there will be an expert in the art of grafting who will be able to show you the way to tackle this age old craft, or do it for you. For more details please refer to our Garden Centre web site www.buckinghamgardencentre.co.uk.

All heights quoted are approximate as these can vary considerably depending on soils and the variety being grafted.

We can supply the following Rootstocks to enable you to graft your own pear or quince trees.
Quince C - dwarfing. Height when trained as bush 8ft (2.4m).
Quince A - semi-vigorous. Height when trained as bush 13ft (4m).

 Quince A
 2 year Br
 Quince C
 2 year Br

All prices include VAT where applicable.

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