Suitable for all conditions and:
Exposed Windy Sites Dense Shade Wet Sites Coastal Areas Chalky Soil
Alder, Common  21m  D  45cm    Shady  Wet  Coastal  
Alder, Grey  24m  D  45 - 60cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  
Alder, Italian  24m  D  60cm    Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Amelanchier Lamarckii  4.6m  D  30 - 45cm    Shady  Wet    
Amelanchier Obelisk  4.6m  D  30 - 45cm    Shady  Wet    
Amelanchier gr. Robin Hill  7.6m  D  30 - 45cm    Shady  Wet    
Aspen  15m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    
Beech, Green  30m  D *  60cm  Windy        Chalky
Beech, Purple  30m  D *  45cm  Windy        Chalky
Berberis Darwinii  2.4m  E  30cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Berberis darwinii Compacta  90cm  E  10cm    Shady      Chalky
Berberis, Green  120cm  D  30cm  Windy  Shady      Chalky
Berberis Julianae  3m  E  30cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Berberis, Purple  1.5m  D  30cm  Windy  Shady      Chalky
Berberis Stenophylla  2.7m  E  45cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Birch Ermanii  7.6m +  D  12cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    Chalky
Birch, Himalayan  12m  D  40cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    Chalky
Birch, Paper  27m  D  40cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    Chalky
Birch, Silver  15m  D  40cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    Chalky
Birch, Young’s Weeping  3.7m  D  23cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    Chalky
Blackthorn  4m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  
Box, Common  9m  E  10 - 15cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Box, Dwarf  90cm  E  3 - 5cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Box, Faulkner  1.8m  E  10 - 15cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Box, Green Balloon  1m  E  5 - 8cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Box, Variegated  120cm  E  5cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Buckthorn, Alder  4m  D  45cm      Wet    
Buckthorn, Common or Purging  4.6m  D  30cm        Coastal  Chalky
Buckthorn, Sea  2.4m  D  30 - 45cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  
Cherry, Autumn Flowering  7.6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Cherry, Bird  10.7m  D  40cm          Chalky
Cherry, Cheal’s Weeping  6m  D  23cm          Chalky
Cherry, Double White  13.7m  D  30cm          Chalky
Cherry, Royal Burgundy  6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Cherry, Great White  9m  D  30cm        Coastal  
Cherry, Kanzan  9m  D  30cm          Chalky
Cherry, Mount Fuji  5.5m  D  45cm          Chalky
Cherry, Flag Pole  7.6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Cherry, Sargent’s  9m  D  30cm          Chalky
Cherry, Spire  9m  D  30cm          
Cherry, Tibetan  9m  D  30cm          
Cherry, Shirofugen  9m  D  30cm        Coastal  
Cherry, Wild  18m  D  50cm          Chalky
Cornelian Cherry  3m  D  45cm      Wet    Chalky
Cotoneaster franchetii  2.4m  E  30 - 45cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Cotoneaster lacteus  3.7m  E  30 - 45cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Cotoneaster simonsii  2.1m  E **  25 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Crab Apple  10.7m  D  30cm          Chalky
Crab Apple, Golden Hornet  7.6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Crab Apple, Gorgeous  4.6m  D  15 - 23cm          Chalky
Crab Apple, Japanese  4.6m  D  15 - 23cm          Chalky
Crab Apple, John Downie  9m  D  30cm          Chalky
Crab Apple, Royalty  7.6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Crab Apple, Rudolph  6-7.6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Dogwood  2.4m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Dogwood, Black Stemmed  2.1 - 2.4m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Dogwood, Golden Variegated  2.1 - 2.4m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Dogwood, Midwinter Fire  120cm  D  15cm      Wet    Chalky
Dogwood, Red Stemmed  2.1 - 2.4m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Dogwood, Silver Variegated  2.1 - 2.4m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Dogwood, Yellow Stemmed  2.1 - 2.4m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Elaeagnus Ebbingei  3m  E  30 - 45cm  Windy      Coastal  
Elaeagnus Ebbingei Limelight  3m  E  30 - 45cm  Windy      Coastal  
Elder  3.7m  D  60 - 90cm    Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Euonymus, Gold  60cm  E  5 - 8cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Euonymus, Golden Japanese  2.4m  E  15 - 23cm        Coastal  Chalky
Eucalyptus Gunnii  24m  E  120cm        Coastal  
Euonymus, Silver  60cm  E  5 - 8cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Fir, Caucasian  37m  E  60cm          
Flowering Currant King Edward VII  1.8m  D  30cm    Shady    Coastal  
Golden Elm  3.7m  D  15cm          
Gorse  1.8m  E  15 - 30cm  Windy      Coastal  
Griselinia  4.6m  E  30cm        Coastal  
Guelder Rose  4m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet    
Handkerchief Tree  15m +  D  10 - 15cm        Coastal  Chalky
Hazel  6m  D  45cm  Windy        
Hazel, Golden-Leaf  6m  D  45cm  Windy        
Hazel, Purple-Leaf  6m  D  45cm  Windy        
Hedge Germander  45cm  E  15 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  
Holly, Blue  2.4m  E  15cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  
Holly, Box-Leaved  3.7m  E  20 - 30cm    Shady      
Holly, Golden King  7.6m  E  15 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Holly, Golden Variegated  14m  E  25 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Holly, Green  20m  E  25 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Holly, J.C. van Tol  6m  E  15 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Holly, Silver Hedgehog  1.8m  E  15cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  
Holly, Silver Variegated  14m  E  25 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Honeysuckle Hedging, Green  1.5m  E  23cm    Shady      Chalky
Hornbeam  24m  D *  30 - 60cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Hornbeam, Fastigiate  18m  D *  30 - 60cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Hypericum Hidcote  120cm  ***  30-45cm          Chalky
Laburnum  7m  D  30cm  Windy        
Larch  30m  D  90cm  Windy        
Laurel  5.2m  E  30cm    Shady  Wet    
Laurel, Dwarf  120cm  E  15cm    Shady  Wet    
Laurel, Etna  2.4m  E  15cm    Shady  Wet    
Laurel, Portugal  4.6m  E  23cm    Shady  Wet    Chalky
Laurel, Spotted  2.4m  E  15 - 23cm    Shady  Wet  Coastal  
Lavender Hidcote  60cm  E  10cm        Coastal  Chalky
Lavender, Munsted  90 - 120cm  E  15cm        Coastal  Chalky
Lavender, White  90 - 120cm  E  15cm        Coastal  Chalky
Leyland Cypress  30m  E  75 - 90cm        Coastal  
Leyland Cypress, Golden  30m  E  60 - 75cm        Coastal  
Lilac  6m  D  30cm          Chalky
Lime, Broad or Large-Leaved  30m  D  45cm          
Lime, Small-Leaved  23m  D  45cm  Windy        
Liquidambar  24m  D  30cm          
Maple, Crimson King  12m  D  30cm          Chalky
Maple, Field  24m  D  30 - 60cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Maple, Princeton Gold  12m +  D  15cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    Chalky
Maple, Silver Variegated  12m  D  25 - 30cm    Shady      Chalky
Mountain Ash  12m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  
Mountain Ash, Chinese  9m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  
Mountain Ash, Edulis  12m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  
Mountain Ash, Joseph Rock  7.6m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  
Mountain Ash, Pink Pagoda  6m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet    
Nepeta Six Hills Giant  90cm  E  15 - 23cm          
Oak, English or Common  30m  D  23cm  Windy      Coastal  Chalky
Oak, Holm  24m  E  25 - 30cm    Shady    Coastal  
Oak, Red  30m  D  45cm          Chalky
Osmanthus  3m  E  10 - 15cm          
Pear Chanticleer  6m  D  23cm          
Pear, Common  15m  D  30cm      Wet    
Philadelphus  2.4m  D  30cm  Windy        Chalky
Photinia Little Red Robin  90cm  E  8 - 15cm          Chalky
Photinia Crunchy  1.8m  E  15 - 23cm          Chalky
Photinia Red Robin  2.4m  E  15 - 23cm          Chalky
Pine, Scots  24m  E  50cm  Windy      Coastal  
Plum, Myrobalan  7.6m  D  30 - 45cm  Windy        Chalky
Plum, Purple Blaze  7.6m  D  30 - 45cm  Windy        Chalky
Poplar, Lombardy  30m  D  60 - 75cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  
Poplar Robusta  30m  D  60cm  Windy  Shady  Wet    
Poplar, Variegated Balm of Gilead  15m  D  45cm    Shady  Wet    
Poplar, White  20m  D  50cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Potentilla fruticosa  120cm  D  15 - 23cm  Windy      Coastal  Chalky
Privet, Golden  3m  E ***  30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Privet, Green  3.7m  E ***  30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Privet, Wild  3m  D  45cm  Windy      Coastal  Chalky
Pyracantha, Golden Sun  2.7m  E  30 - 60cm  Windy      Coastal  
Pyracantha, Red Column  2.7m  E  30 - 60cm  Windy      Coastal  
Pyracantha, Orange Glow  2.7m  E  30 - 60cm  Windy      Coastal  
Quickthorn  14m  D  45cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Robinia Pseudoacacia  24m  D  30 - 45cm          
Rose, Blanc Double de Coubert  1.8m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Dog Rose  2.1m  D  45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Field Rose  3 - 3.7m  D  45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Fru Dagmar Hastrup  1.4m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Glauca  2.1m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Hansa  1.5m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Multiflora  4.6m  D  60 - 90cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Roseraie de L’Hay  2.1m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Rugosa  2.1m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Rugosa Red  2.1m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Rugosa White  2.1m  D  30 - 45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Scotch or Burnet  90cm  D  30cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rose, Sweet Briar  2.4m  D  45cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rosemary  1.8m  E  23cm        Coastal  Chalky
Rubus Cockburnianus  2.4m  D  30 - 45cm          
Santolina  60cm  E  10cm        Coastal  
Service Tree, Wild  18m  D  30cm  Windy        Chalky
Snowberry  2.1m  D  60 - 75cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Snowberry, White Hedge  1.5m  D  30 - 60cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Spindle  2.4m  D  45cm          Chalky
Spruce, Norway  30m  E  75cm  Windy        
Spruce, Serbian  21m  E  70cm  Windy        
Sweet Box  60cm  E  2 - 5cm    Shady      
Sycamore  30m  D  50cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Thorn, Cockspur  7.6m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Thorn, Crimson Cloud  7.6m +  D  15cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Thorn, Double Pink  7.6m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Thorn, Double Scarlet  7.6m  D  30cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Thuja Emerald  6m  E  23cm  Windy    Wet    Chalky
Thuja Plicata Atrovirens  30m  E  60cm      Wet    Chalky
Tulip tree  30m  D  60cm          
Viburnum Fragrans  2.7m  D  25 - 30cm          Chalky
Viburnum tinus  2.4m  E  15cm        Coastal  Chalky
Walnut  30m  D  30 - 40cm          
Wayfaring Tree  3m  D  30cm  Windy      Coastal  Chalky
Weeping Silver Pear  6 - 8m  D  15cm          
Whitebeam  15m  D  30cm  Windy      Coastal  Chalky
Whitebeam Lutescens  12m  D  30cm  Windy      Coastal  Chalky
Willow, Coyote  6m  D  90 - 120cm  Windy      Coastal  
Willow, Goat  9m  D  30 - 90cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Willow, Golden  18m  D  45 - 60cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Willow, Golden Weeping  20m  D  30cm      Wet    Chalky
Willow, Osier  9m  D  45 - 60cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Willow, Scarlet  9m  D  45 - 60cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Willow, White  17m  D  45 - 60cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Yew, English  15m  E  15 - 23cm  Windy        Chalky
Yew, Golden  3.7 - 4.6m  E  10cm  Windy        Chalky
Yew, Hicksii  3m  E  15 - 23cm  Windy        Chalky
Yew, Irish  9m  E  15 - 23cm  Windy        Chalky
Corkscrew Hazel  2.4m  D  12 - 45cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Corkscrew Hazel, Red Majestic  2.4m  D  12 - 45cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Elder, Black Lace  3m  D  15cm  Windy  Shady  Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Fig Ice Crystal  4.6m +  D  8 - 10cm        Coastal  Chalky
Hydrangea Early Sensation  90cm  D  15cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora  3m +  D  12 - 45cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Hydrangea paniculata Limelight  1.5m  D  23 - 30cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Hydrangea Paniculata Pinky-Winky  2.4m  D  23cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Acer palmatum Atropurpureum  4.6m  D  8 - 10cm          
Japanese Maple, Dissectum  90cm  D  8 - 10cm          
Japanese Maple Dissectum Emerald Lace  75cm  D  8 - 10cm          
Japanese Maple, Dissectum Garnet  90cm  D  8 - 10cm          
Japanese Maple, Orange Dream  1.8m  D  8 - 10cm          
Japanese Maple, Sango-kaku  6m  D  23 - 30cm          
Japanese Quince, Pink Lady  1.5m  D  8 - 10cm  Windy    Wet  Coastal  Chalky
Mahonia media Charity  3m  E  60 - 90cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Mexican Orange Blossom  2.1m  E  60cm  Windy  Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Mexican Orange Blossom, Goldfingers  1.8m  E  30 - 38cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Mexican Orange Blossom, White Dazzler  120cm  E  15 - 23cm    Shady    Coastal  Chalky
Physocarpus opulifolius Diable D`Or  1.5m  D  12 - 45cm  Windy      Coastal  
Smoke Bush, Royal Purple  3m  D  15 - 23cm  Windy      Coastal  
Spindle Tree  3m  D  15cm          
Smoke Bush, Royal Purple  3m  D  15 - 23cm  Windy      Coastal  
Mock Orange, Variegated  2.4m  D  15cm          Chalky
Winter Honeysuckle  1.8m  E  15 - 23cm  Windy  Shady      Chalky

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Average Growth Per Year. This figure represents the annual increase in height you can expect over the first 10-20 years. We have tried to give as accurate a figure as possible but plants are not only affected by their response to soil conditions and the weather but also vary considerably in their growth habits. Some are slow in growth for the first years after planting, then grow very rapidly, others grow rapidly when young and then slow down, and others have steady growth habits. Some plants because of their form (i.e. weeping habit) may put on a lot of growth but only increase in height relatively slowly.

* Retains its copper of brown leaves throughout winter on hedges.
** Semi-evergreen. Has a new crop of leaves in October, which often last to spring in warm regions, but normally fall earlier in cold regions or in harsh winters.
*** Evergreen, but may lose its foliage in very hard winters.

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