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Mulching & Landscape Fabric

Weed Suppressants and Mulching Materials

Useful not only to suppress weed growth, but also to retain moisture and keep the soil warm.

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Landscape Fabric is a permeable fabric which allows water to penetrate the soil, but suppresses the growth of weeds. Thus, if the ground is clear of perennial and annual weeds before planting, no weeds will develop when it is used. It can be easily cut with scissors. 1.5m (4ft 11ins) wide.

As this product is not UV stabilised it should be covered with a mulch of bark or other material. This will improve the appearance and help retain moisture.1.5m (4ft 11ins) wide.

 25m pack16.45
 50m pack31.00
 100m roll53.00

Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric, 1m Wide. Go to Top of Page

Heavy Duty Landscape Fabric can be used in the same way as Landscape Fabric but it is far stronger and even if walked on will last for years. It is made from UV stabilised black polypropylene tape which is woven to make a dense but permeable fabric.

Apart from use as a weed suppressant it can be used for ground cover in glasshouses or for an outside standing area for pots, for covering sand benches and many other uses. Supplied either 1 or 2 metres (3ft 3ins or 6ft 6ins) wide it can easily be cut to size with scissors.

 1m x 25m18.99
 1m x 50m33.00
 1m x 100m63.00
 2m x 25m £35.00
 2m x 50m £59.00
 2m x 100m £114.00


Ground Pegs and Staples

An easy way of securing ground cover materials. Simply insert every yard to secure the material, thus eliminating flapping or side movement.

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Ground pegs can easily be removed and reused as they are manufactured in strong, durable plastic. 15cm (6ins) deep. Pack of 20 pegs.

Ground Pegs
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Ground Staples. Go to Top of Page

Ground staples are made from a strong, durable metal and push flush into the ground, thus avoiding danger of tripping. 15cm (6ins) long. Pack of 20 staples.

Ground Staples
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