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Plant Protection

We are offering a range of products that will protect your plants from animals and the elements. Some of the products will also increase the growth rates of your plants in the early years.

Spiral Tree Guards. Go to Top of Page

Spiral Tree GuardTo protect your trees from rabbits, hares, voles etc. we can supply 60cm (24 inch) high spiral plastic tree guards. These expands with the natural growth of the tree.

These transparent guards which, if the risk of animal damage is very high, can be used on hedging plants.

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled photodegradable PVC plastic waste. Supplied individually (between 1 and 249 guards) or in boxes of 250 guards.

If the hedging plants or seedlings are not very strong, it is better to support the guards with 3ft bamboo canes.
£2 discount per box of 250 when collected.


Price for

Box of 250 £79 £71.60 

Spiral Tree Guards - Biodegradeable. Go to Top of Page

Biodegradeable Spiral Tree GuardIn response to the growing desire to reduce the use of plastics we are adding Treebio spirals to our range. They are fully compostable and have gained the DIN CERTCO certificate. They are stabilised for use for 4-5 years, then will break down into carbon dioxide, water and humus which is a soil nutrient. Thus at the end of their useful life collection of unwanted plastic will not be necessary.

If the hedging plants or seedlings are not very strong, it is better to support the guards with 3ft bamboo canes.
£2 discount per box of 220 when collected.


Price for

Box of 220 £170.00 £155.00 POA

Tree Shelters. Go to Top of Page

Tree ShelterTree Shelters are ideal for helping to establish young trees. They are used extensively, especially on difficult sites, to protect trees from cold winds and browsing animals. Because of their insulating properties they also promote faster growth. For example you can expect up to six times more growth on an Oak sapling in the first two years. They encourage good strong stems with fewer side branches and make weed control much easier.

The shelters are manufactured from twin-walled polyethylene, and, though flat-packed, they quickly form a circle when erected. A round shelter offers less resistance to wind than a square shelter. They have a curved lip top to prevent abrasion of the tree. Each shelter will require a 4ft tree stake, see below.

Most deciduous trees benefit from tree shelters except Sweet and Horse Chestnut and Beech (generally the shelter encourages the beech aphid more than the Beech) but on very hostile sites even these have shown better growth with tree shelters. Both heights 95mm (3.75ins) diameter.

Available in 2 sizes, both with 95mm (3.75ins) diameter. Small - 60cm (2ft) high, Large - 1.2m (4ft) high.


Price each for

 Small £1.99 £1.80 £1.66
 Large £2.99 £2.70 £2.48

Shrub Shelters. Go to Top of Page

Shrub ShelterShrub Shelters are similar to tree shelters except they are 60cm (2ft) high and approximately 15cm (6ins) square, so they are suitable for protecting young specimen shrubs and conifers from rabbit and rodent damage. They are also useful for enhancing the growth of plants such as tomatoes in early summer.

Each shelter requires a 90cm (3ft) tall stake, with the maximum width/depth of 25mm (1in). The stakes we provide are 90cm x 22-25mm x 22-25mm.

Price each for

No Stake £2.85 £2.54 £2.32
With Stake £3.99 £3.65 £3.45

Bamboo Canes. Go to Top of Page

Bamboo CanesWe are offering 90cm (3ft) canes mainly for the support of spiral trees guards when these are being used on young plants which are not strong enough to support the guard but they do have many other uses in the garden.

Available individually or in bales of 500. Bales cost £84 when collected from the Garden Centre.

120cm (4ft) canes. In sheltered areas you can use 120cm (4ft) canes instead of 120cm (4ft) stakes to support young trees. Other uses include staking sprouts, dahlias, young climbers, etc.


Price each for

90cm/3ft canes £0.29 £0.26
bale of
90cm/3ft canes
120cm/4ft canes £0.45 £0.40

Soft Wood Tree Stakes.Go to Top of Page

Tree StakesFor bush, half standard and young trees we are offering 90cm (3ft) or 120cm (4ft) high soft wood tree stakes (minimum cross section size: 32mm x 32mm/1.25in x 1.25in). These should be used with interlocking or buckle tree ties, depending on the size of the tree to be supported.

90cm/3ft £1.79
120cm/4ft £2.49

Protective Fleece - Gardman FrostGuard. Go to Top of Page

FrostGuardAn excellent, easy to use, light-weight spun-bonded polypropylene material which can easily be cut with scissors and just needs laying over the crop and anchoring at the edges with ground pegs or staples.

It will protect crops from insects, birds and extremes of weather and produces a micro-climate for early cropping and prolonging the growing period in autumn. It allows an optimum passage of air and water but as it protects crops from insects it will need removing if insect pollination is necessary. 8m x 1.5m (26ft x 5ft approx.)

 8 x 1.5m £7.99

Windbreak Netting. Go to Top of Page

If you live in a windy site it is always more difficult to get young plants established as the wind rocks the plants thus damaging delicate fibrous roots, and also causes dehydration. If a screen of netting is put on the windward side of the plant or, if practical, put right round the plant, the damage will be reduced considerably thus decreasing the risk of failure, and encouraging faster growth and establishment. The netting we supply offers 50% wind or 40% shade protection and is also useful to reduce frost damage.

 1 x 25m £28.99 OUT OF STOCK
 1 x 50m £54.99OUT OF STOCK
 1.5 x 25m £44.00OUT OF STOCK
 1.5 x 50m £85.00OUT OF STOCK

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