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Oak, Holm or Evergreen

Quercus ilex

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Possibly the most majestic evergreen tree in the British Isles. Leathery green leaves, dark and glossy above, downy beneath, sometimes toothed when young, but very variable in form. Produces elongated yellow catkins, then acorns in autumn which are smaller and more pointed than those of English or Sessile Oak. The tree supports plenty of wildlife. Responds well to clipping, making an excellent hedge especially in coastal areas, where it thrives forming a wind resistant hedge. Not suitable for very cold inland areas. Protect from cold when young. Suitable added in a mixed hedge.

HEDGE Trim in winter. For hedges 1.2 - 3m (4 -10ft). Plant 60cm (2ft) apart.

TREE 4.6- 6 x 3-4.6m (15-20 x 10-15ft) in 20 years, ultimate height 24m (80ft).

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Oak, Holm or Evergreen is available as:

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Planting Distances for planting as a Hedge

We recommend planting Oak, Holm or Evergreen in a single row 60cm/2ft apart.

To calculate the number of plants needed for a length of hedging, click on Planting Distance Calculator above.

Planting Guide & RootGrow

We recommend planting with RootGrow. The recommended amount for RootGrow for an order will be shown in your shopping basket.

We will send out a planting guide with your order, you also can find a guide to planting here.


Hedging - As a general rule, plants grown for hedging need pruning to encourage side branching. Usually the harder a plant is pruned the bushier it will be. If they are not pruned there is a danger that the hedges will be thin and bare at the base and that the tips of the plants will die back. If the plant is naturally bushy, less or sometimes no pruning will be needed to achieve a dense hedge.

Oak, Holm or Evergreen: Prune any straggly or untidy shoots, otherwise no immediate pruning is required.

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  • Native/Wildlife/Evergreen
    • Good for Wildlife/Bees
    • Native
    • Evergreen/Deciduous
    • Keeps Leaves in Winter
  • Soil and position
    • Suitable for any normal soil and position, and
      Suitable for Costal Areas
      Suitable for Damp Shade
      Suitable for Dry Shade
  • Plant Height and Growth
    • Hedge Height
      1.2-3m (4-10ft)
    • Approx. Ultimate Height
      24m (80ft)
    • Average Growth per Year
      25-30cm (9-12ins)
  • Root Type/Plant Size
    • Root Type/Plant Size
      Pot Grown, 20-30cm (8-12ins)
      10 Cell Grown Plants, 20-30cm (8-12ins)
    • Potted/Bare Root
      Pot Grown
      Cell Grown