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Edible Hedging

Traditionally countryfolk gathered 'food for free' from woods and hedgerows and there are some fascinating receipes to be found for such fares as Hawthorn Suet Roll made using green hawthorn buds! More usual are sloes from blackthorn, nuts from hazel and rose hips from roses. All the following varieties produce edible fruits:- Amelanchier, Berberis, Blackthorn, Cornelian Cherry, Elder, Elaeagnus ebbingei, Hazel, Myrobalan Plum, Quickthorn, Rugosa Roses and Sea Buckthorn. Blackberries can be grown to ramble in existing hedges and raspberries can be planted in a new hedge where they will carry fruit if in a sunny position. Almost all fruit trees can be planted in or alongside a hedge, as well as wild cherries and crab apples.

We sell a pre-made mix of plants to great an edible hedge, or you can make your own mix from the plants below.

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