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Tree Shelters

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Tree Shelters are ideal for helping to establish young trees. They are used extensively, especially on difficult sites, to protect trees from cold winds and browsing animals. Because of their insulating properties they also promote faster growth. For example you can expect up to six times more growth on an Oak sapling in the first two years. They encourage good strong stems with fewer side branches and make weed control much easier if you are spraying weedkiller or are inaccurate with a scythe.

The shelters are manufactured from twin-walled polyethylene, and, though flat-packed, they quickly form a circle when erected. A round shelter offers less resistance to wind than a square shelter. They have a curved lip top to prevent abrasion of the tree.

Most deciduous trees benefit from tree shelters except Sweet and Horse Chestnut and Beech (generally the shelter encourages the beech aphid more than the Beech) but on very hostile sites even these have shown better growth with tree shelters. Both heights 95mm (3.75ins) diameter.

Available in 2 sizes both have 95mm (3.75ins) diameter. Small - 60cm (2ft) high, Large - 1.2m (4ft) high.

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