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Bamboo Canes

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90cm (3ft)
90cm, Bale
120cm (4ft)

90cm (3ft) canes are often used for the support of spiral trees guards when these are being used on young plants which are not strong enough to support the guard, but they do have many other uses in the garden.

Available individually or in bales of 500. Bales cost £84 when collected from the Garden Centre.

120cm (4ft) canes. In sheltered areas you can use 120cm (4ft) canes instead of 120cm (4ft) stakes to support young trees. Other uses include staking sprouts, dahlias, young climbers, etc.We have a wider range of bamboo canes available at the Garden Centre, please contact us for details.

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      90cm (3ft), each
      120cm (4ft), each
      90cm (3ft), Bale of 500 canes.