Buckingham Nurseries 2017-2018 Mail Order Catalogue

New Plants and Products

Our new mail order catalogue is now out!  You can pick one up from the shop, download it from our web site or request that one is sent to you in the post by calling 01280 827933.

Our online shop has now been updated with all the new lines in this year's catalogue.

The hedging section of the catalogue remains reasonably static over the years as the list has become pretty comprehensive so making it difficult to add new lines. However we have added Choisya ternata, Mexican Orange Blossom, as this bushy, fragrant evergreen, if planted 60cm apart makes an excellent hedge of up to 1.5 metres and has the added advantage of masses of very sweetly scented star-like white flowers in late spring.  The golden version of this plant, Choisya ternata Sundance also makes an excellent golden foliage hedge and this listed on the Web-site. CHOISYA TERNATA (Mexican Orange Blossom)
CRAB APPLE, AROS Turning to the Ornamental Tree Section a really stunning new tree has been added, Crab Apple Aros. This variety, which has already won several awards, has only become available this year and we are delighted to have stock to offer. It is listed in the catalogue as available as pot grown only but we also will have a limited number of bare root trees which can be purchased for £24.95. The leaves, which are large for a crab apple, are shiny and dark burgundy to nearly black. In spring masses of single purple-pink flowers appear and these are followed by small very dark red/maroon crab apples which persist well into autumn. This tree is ideal for smaller gardens as it is naturally dwarf and has a narrow, upright habit.

The popularity of our 60-90cm pot grown acers continues with many customers building up a collection of these colourful, very varied plants. This year we have introduced Acer palmatum Pixie which many describe as a miniature form of Bloodgood. It has all the excellent qualities of Bloodgood but only grows to 1.5 metres with a spread of 1 metre so is suitable for those with limited space.

Achillea Paprika
Achillea Paprika
Gypsophila Filou White (Gypsophila repens Filou White)
Gypsophila Filou White
Rudbeckia Goldsturm (Golden Coneflower) (Rudbeckia fulgida sullivantii Goldsturm)
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Trollius Lemon Queen (Globeflower)
Trollius Lemon Queen
Verbena bonariensis (Argentinian Vervain)
Verbena bonariensis

We have introduced a useful range of perennials in 9cm pots 19 of which are listed in the catalogue and a further 13 are listed on the web site. At £2.99 each or £2.66 each for 3 or more, these are excellent value and the collection includes varieties for all different aspects and conditions in the garden. For instance, Achilea for well drained soil and sunny sites, Trollius for moist sites, Verbena for where height is needed or Gypsophila for edging or ground cover. Have a browse through these and you will be sure to find something suitable for your particular garden.

The local prize winning vineyard, Chafor Wines, is growing amongst other varieties the grapevine Bacchus and as this really thrives many local customers have requested that we stock it. We are delighted to offer this as it not only makes delicious white wine, it is a good eating grape, is strong growing, ornamental and grows well outside or under cover. GRAPEVINE, BACCHUS

Apple Surprize The interest in Apples continues to grow, possibly due to our ever popular Apple Days and Grafting and Scion Swap Day. Every year we try to vary the varieties offered and this year we have added a stunning new variety named Surprize. It has only recently been released by the award winning grower William Barnet from Herefordshire. The golden-orange skinned apples offer a ‘Surprize’ when bitten into as they reveal an amazing pink flesh. This is not only attractive but aromatic, firm, crisp and juicy but has a delicious flavour. What more could one want?

Root Wrapped Roses

We have made some changes in the range of good value root wrapped roses available these being priced at £8.99 each, but if you buy any two roses you can choose a third one free. We anticipate the rose of the year 2018, Love Struck, will be well sought after as it has masses of large, well shaped, lightly scented cherry-red blooms in clusters of up to twenty from May to first frost, held above healthy, dark green glossy foliage. Love is a word which occurs frequently in names of roses and another we have this year is Let There Be Love, a variety which produces clusters of perfectly formed, scented, soft pink roses. In all there are seven new varieties so have a look through and we’re sure you find some you really fancy making it worth buying two and getting a third as there is always room in the garden for this quintessential English flower.
Rose Agatha Christie  Rose Starlight Express Rose Chandos Beauty Rose City Livery Rose Fragrant Cloud
Agatha Christie Starlight Express Chandos Beauty  City Livery Fragrant Cloud
Rose Margaret Merril Rose My Valentine Rose Rhapsody in Blue Rose Sunny Sky Rose Tequila Sunrise
Margaret Merril My Valentine Rhapsody in Blue Sunny Sky Tequila Sunrise

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