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Rose, Hot Chocolate
Rosa Hot Chocolate, Rosa Wekpaltez

Rose, Hot Chocolate (Rosa Hot Chocolate) (Rosa Wekpaltez)
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Root-wrapped roses are available from November to March. They are a good way of purchasing top quality roses at a more economical price than pot grown plants. They are field grown, then lifted and root-wrapped in polythene with damp compost to keep the roots moist and healthy. Click here for advice on planting roses and aftercare.

BUY ANY 2 ROOT WRAPPED ROSES AND THE 3RD FREE (Excluding Special Occasion Roses).

Floribunda rose with a unique colour: rusty tan orange opening to a rich velvety-brown against dark green foliage. Strong fragrance. Awarded Novelty Rose for 2006 and Gold Standard in 2008. (Bred by Sam McGredy)
Height and Spread: 75cm x 45cm (2.5ft x 1.5ft).

 Root-Wrapped11.99 In Stock.

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