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Prunus domestica Excalibur

New, very prolific, red-fruited variety, very large, excellent quality, sweet and juicy, similar to Victoria. Strong growing tree.

Season of Use: Late July Culinary (Suitable for Cooking)

 St. Julien A Br
21.95 Bare rooted stock will be available
from Nov., see below/right.


This plant is in pollination group 2, it is reasonably self-fertile but will fruit better with a pollinator. Choose a pollinator in group 1, 2 or 3 (listed below).

DescriptionSeason of UseCooker/Desert DescriptionSeason of UseCooker/Desert
Damson, FarleighMid-late SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking) Damson, MerryweatherEarly SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)
Damson, ShropshireMid-late SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking) Gage, Early TransparentAugDesert Fruit
Gage, Oullin's GoldenMid AugCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit Greengage, OldMid AugCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit
Plum, AvalonMid AugDesert Fruit Plum, CzarEarly AugCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit
Plum, Early Transparent GageAugDesert Fruit Plum, Farleigh DamsonMid-late SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)
Plum, Marjorie's SeedlingLate Sept - early OctCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit Plum, Merryweather DamsonEarly SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)
Plum, OpalLate JulyDesert Fruit Plum, Oullin's Golden GageMid AugCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit
Plum, Shropshire DamsonMid-late SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking) Plum, VictoriaAug-SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit
PruneMid-late SeptCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)   

Key: CookerCooking Apple, Dessert AppleDessert fruit, Suitable for Cider MakingCider Apple.

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