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Verbena bonariensis
Argentinian Vervain

Verbena bonariensis (Argentinian Vervain)
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A perennial which makes an elegant statement in a sunny border with its tightly packed clusters of dainty lilac-purple flowers on tall, stiff, square, wiry branching stems from June /July to as late as October. Growing from 1.5 to 2.5 metres (5 to 8ft) tall the effect is a haze of purple at shoulder height. These flowers are excellent for bees and butterflies and also for cutting for flower arrangements. Cut the flower stems down after flowering, and in cold areas protect the plant with a mulch over winter. Plant in full sun in moist but well drained soil, preferably sandy or chalky. This is a short lived perennial but it will self-seed and the seedlings will flower in the first year. Height in flower up to 2.5m (8ft).

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PERENNIALS. Perennials are ideal to add colour and form to your borders year after year. We have selected some varieties from our wide range of perennials from our Garden Centre. Availability varies through the year with most varieties being available from Spring to Autumn.

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