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Golden Clematis

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A vigorous, reliable clematis which will thrive in full sun or partial shade. From July to October it will be decked with masses of dangling, yellow lantern-like flowers which have petals resembling lemon peel. As each flower fades it will produce large fluffy white seed heads which apart from being very ornamental, especially when they shimmer in sunlight, they are useful for cutting for flower arrangements. In late summer and autumn the plant will carry both flowers and seed heads, thus doubling its beauty. The seed heads will last well into winter after the glaucous green pinnate foliage had fallen. This variety will get very large if left unpruned, but if cut back to a pair of strong buds 15-20cm (6-8ins) before new growth in spring, it will be restricted. Good for training in trees, shrubs or even climbing roses.Height if pruned 3.5-4.5m, up to 6-7m unpruned, spread 2.5-3m (10-14ft x 18-21ft or 7-9ft x 7-9ft).

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