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Penstemon digitalis Husker Red

Penstemon digitalis Husker Red

This bushy, semi-evergreen perennial is very colourful in spring when its new foliage appears a deep wine-red on wine-red stems. As summer approaches the leaves slowly turn greener. From spring to early summer stiff panicles of bell to funnel-shaped pure white flowers, 2.5cm (1in) long, appear, and these are attractive to bees and butterflies. Will benefit from a winter mulch and may need protection from winter weather in cold areas. Plant in full sun or partial shade in well drained soil. Height 75cm (30ins), spread 50cm (20ins).

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PERENNIALS. Perennials are ideal to add colour and form to your borders year after year. We have selected some varieties from our wide range of perennials from our Garden Centre. Availability varies through the year with most varieties being available from Spring to Autumn.

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