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Acer palmatum Bi-Ho (Bi-Hoo), Golden Bark Maple

JAPANESE MAPLE, BI-HO (Acer palmatum Bi-Ho (Bi-Hoo)) (Golden Bark Maple)
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Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum).Very ornamental, slow growing, small deciduous trees or small to medium size bushes which need a sheltered position protected from cold winds, especially from the east. They make perfect specimens for virtually any garden, are generally pest free, disease resistant and heat and humidity tolerant, and as their beauty increases with age, to plant one or more is a worthwhile lifetime investment.
To prevent leaf scorch to their filigree leaves plant in a position out of the early morning sun. Acers prefer a rich soil which is acidic to neutral, moist but free draining. If planting in a container an ericaceous compost or John Innes No. 3 is best used. Tiny purple-red flowers are produced in spring, these being followed by red winged fruits in late summer.

This gorgeous Acer shines out in the garden all year round. Its lobed leaves emerge yellow-green in spring with a wonderful salmon-pink flush, then turn shades of yellow and orange in the autumn before falling to reveal brightly coloured golden-yellow and orange coloured stems that glow warmly giving welcome colour even on the bleakest winter days. Best planted in partial shade, sheltered from strong winds or it makes a stunning specimen if planted in a container.Height 2m (7ft), spread 2m (7ft).
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