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Fragaria ananassa Honeoye

We are pleased to offer a range of British grown strawberries covering early, mid and late season cropping. We have pot grown stock from Spring to Autumn which is propagated by runners, so you can expect a small crop in the first year of planting. During winter we offer bare root runners, sold in packs of 5.
£3.55 per pack of 5 bare root runners, £3.05 for any five packs of 5 bare root runners.
£1.79 per pot grown plant, £10.00 for any 5 pot grown plants.

An early fruiting variety providing firm, well-shaped fruits. The berries are bright, glossy red, large and of good flavour. Self-fertile.

Season of Use: Early-Season

2.49 In Stock.
 Br x5
3.55 In Stock.

Pg = Pot grown.

All prices include VAT where applicable.

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