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We are offering this collection of native trees either to plant in existing hedges, to intersperse in new hedges, or to plant in mixed copses. Native trees, especially Oak, can make a valuable contribution to wildlife habitat and some will have an economic value as a source of home grown hardwood.

The basic collection of five trees will be the varieties Common Alder (4-5ft/120-150cm), Bird Cherry (4-5ft/120-150cm) ,English Oak (4-5ft/120-150cm), Mountain Ash (4-5ft/120-150cm) and Field Maple. For orders of 5 or more collections, we shall increase the number of varieties in the collection of 5 trees to include Small-leaved Lime (4-5ft/120-150cm) and Wild Cherry (4-5ft/120-150cm). Occasionally we may substitute other varieties of native trees. If a customer specifies we can include any native willows or the Wild Cherry can be substituted into the basic collection.

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