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A Tapestry Hedge is a hedge comprising of different shades of green with splashes of colour interspersed between. It works really well where there is nothing but the hedge, as it makes the hedge colourful without losing its formality. If used with a planted bed in front, the colourful tones in the hedge can be carried down into the planting bed.

The basic green plants in the hedge will be Green Beech (2-3ft/60-90cm), Hornbeam (2-3ft/60-90cm) and Field Maple (2-3ft/60-90cm), which should be planted in groups of at least five. The hedge would be interspersed with two Golden Privet (2-3ft/60-90cm), two Purple Beech (2-3ft/60-90cm) and one Cotoneaster franchetii (1.5-2ft/45-60cm). The first 20ft (7m) of hedge would therefore contain 5 Green Beech, 2 Golden Privet, 5 Hornbeam, 2 Purple Beech, 5 Field Maple and 1 Cotoneaster. For hedges 3ft upwards plant 1ft apart. We may occasionally substitute equally suitable plants in this Tapestry Hedge.
Minimum order of 20 plants to cover a distance of 20ft (7m).

Minimum order of 20 plants 
to cover a distance of 20ft (7m).


Price per
plant for

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Planting Distance12ins/30cm
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