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Soft Hues Shrub & Tree Collection

Soft Hues Shrub & Tree Collection
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Top row: Viburnum fragrans, Amelanchier, Mock Orange. Bottom row: Winter Honeysuckle and Myrobalan Plum.

A wonderful selection of deciduous plants which will give interest with flowers or foliage all year. In late winter into spring the first flowers to open will be on the Winter Honeysuckle with its 3/4 inch (2cm) long, scented, creamy-white flowers. Then will follow the snowy-white flowers and attractive spring leaf colouring of the Amelanchier, followed by the very many clusters of pale-pink flowers of Myrobalan Plum
In summer the air will be filled with the delicious fragrance of the Mock Orange (Philadelphus Coronarius). In the autumn, the leaves of the Amelanchier will give hues of red, orange and yellow, then all will fall to let the dainty white tinged pink heavily-scented flowers of the Viburnum fragrans show their beauty throughout the winter days.
A collection of 5 plants covers a length of approximately 3m (10ft).

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