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HOSTA, JUNE (Plantain lily)
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HOSTAS make ideal ground cover plants for sun or partial shade and once established can be left undisturbed for years. The variegated varieties keep their colouring better if planted in semi-shade. They thrive in well-drained but moisture retentive soils and this should be enriched with leaf-mould, well rotted compost or leaf-mould. The foliage is most attractive and in the summer the plants are crowned with racemes of nodding trumpet-like white to purple flowers. They are also good planted in pots and containers and can brighten up a shady area with their gold or silver variegated foliage.
Pot grown 3.99 each, buy any 3 or more Hostas at 3.49 each.

This is 'must have' Hosta which will perform differently in shade to partial shade. In complete shade its pointed ovate leaves will be blue grey on the edge with the centre splashed with a paler lime green, but if allowed some morning sun the centre will be transformed to golden-yellow in the summer. It is a clump forming plant which is ideal for boarders especially those in semi or full shade, and once established its dense layers of leaves will act as weed suppressors. The leaves are of good substance so will stand up to inclement weather, slugs, rabbits and deer. In summer it develops 50 cm (20inch) flower spikes with attractive trumpet-shaped pale purple flowers. As with all Hostas they will go completely dormant in winter so the withered foliage will need tidying away before spring time. Give a good feed and mulch well to get lusher leaves.Height & Spread: 12-16ins x 29-35ins (30-40cm x 75-90cm)

This plant is registered for Plant Breeders' Rights. Propagation by unlicensed growers is prohibited.

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