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Pyrus communis Conference

PEAR, CONFERENCE (Pyrus communis Conference)
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Heavy cropping reliable pear, flesh creamy-white, firm, sweet and juicy. Suitable throughout the United Kingdom, and reliable even in unfavourable conditions. Good pollinator. Raised in 1885 in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire and first exhibited in that year at the British Pear Conference, hence its name. Suitable for colder areas and is more resistant to frost.

Season of Use: Mid Oct-Late Nov Desert Fruit

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This plant is in pollination group 3, it is reasonably self-fertile but will fruit better with a pollinator. Choose a pollinator in group 2, 3 or 4 (listed below).

DescriptionSeason of UseCooker/Desert DescriptionSeason of UseCooker/Desert
BethAug-SeptDesert Fruit ConcordeOct-JanDesert Fruit
Doyenne du ComiceNovDesert Fruit Invincible (Delwinor)Sept-OctCulinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit
SensationAug-SeptDesert Fruit Williams' Bon ChrétienEarly SeptDesert Fruit

Key: CookerCooking Apple, Dessert AppleDessert fruit, Suitable for Cider MakingCider Apple.

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