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Rubus x loganobaccus LY 654

LOGANBERRY, THORNLESS LY 654 (Rubus x loganobaccus LY 654)

Hybrid between Blackberry and Raspberry with very large, cone-shaped burgundy-red berries up to 2ins (5cm) long, with sharp, distinctive, delicious flavour. Very high yields, good for eating raw, cooking or freezing.
Developed by the East Malling Research Station just prior to 1970 and issued to nurserymen for propagation for the retail market. Prior to this development it was a very prickly plant and, therefore, unpleasant to handle and train, even though the fruit was, as now, very good and full-flavoured.
Grow against a wall, a fence or train on wires in cool conditions in rich moist soil. Self-fertile. Plant 8ft (2.4m) apart.

Season of Use: Mid July-Aug Culinary (Suitable for Cooking)Desert Fruit

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