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Crataegus monogyna, Hawthorn, May, Whitethorn

Suitable for any normal soil and position and the following 
Ultimate Height45ft (14m)Exposed/WindyYes
Hedge Height3-20ft (0.9-6m)Damp ShadeYes
Av. Growth/Year*1.5ft (45cm)Dry ShadeNo
Wet SitesYes
NativeYesCoastal AreasYes
EvergreenNoChalky SoilYes

Av. Growth/Year* = Average growth per year in first 10-20 years, click here for more details.

QUICKTHORN (Crataegus monogyna) (Hawthorn, May, Whitethorn)
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Native hedge covered with small flowers in May.

Fast growing, very thorny native deciduous plant, tolerant of wet soils. Dark glossy green leaves, clusters of prominent scented white flowers in May followed by small red haws in autumn. Quickthorn makes an excellent hedge with a long season of interest, or it can be grown as specimen tree, as it is very hardy and is useful in coastal or exposed positions. For more spectacular varieties see Cockspur Thorn, Double Pink Thorn or Double Scarlet Thorn. Due to growing conditions in 2018 the 90-120cm plants are around 90cm tall.
HEDGE Trim between July and March. For hedges 3-20ft (0.9-6m). Plant 9-12ins (23-30cm) apart or for a denser or stock-proof hedge plant in a staggered double row with 15ins (38cm) between rows and 18ins (45cm) between plants.
TREE 25ft x 15ft (7.6m x 4.6m) in 20 years, ultimate height 45ft (14m).
Quantity Rates - For 1000 or more plants
Sd 16-18ins (40-60cm) - 290 per 1000 (29p per plant)
Sd 2-3ft (60-90cm) - 360 per 1000 (36p per plant)
Tr 2-3ft (60-90cm) - 640 per 1000 (64p per plant)

Click here to check availabilityCalculate how many plants required for a length of hedge

 Price per plant for 
 Sd 16-24ins
0.890.430.360.32OUT OF STOCK.
 Sd 2-3ft
0.990.550.480.40OUT OF STOCK.
 Tr 2-3ft
 Tr 3-4ft
1.691.191.080.93OUT OF STOCK.
 Pg 2-3L 
2-3L Pot
 CG10 16-24ins

Tr = Transplanted, click here for more details.
Sd = Bare rooted seedling.
CG10 = Bundle of 10 cell-grown plants, click here for more details.
We can only sell bare-rooted/transplanted plants when they are dormant. Depending on the weather this is normally between November and March. We only charge for goods paid by credit/debit cards when they are despatched.


Please enter length of hedge you require below. The number of plants and price for these will then be shown on the right hand side.

Length of Hedge

Cell grown plants only available in packs of 10, so the price shown is for the number of packs required to get at least the number of plants shown.

Planting Distance9ins/23cm
Single Row
Single Row
Double Row
No Plants   
Sd  16-24ins
Sd   2-3ft
Tr   2-3ft
Tr   3-4ft
Pg 2-3L   
2-3L Pot
CG  16-24ins

All prices include VAT where applicable.

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