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Cupressocyparis leylandii Castlewellan

Suitable for any normal soil and position and the following 
Ultimate Height100ft (30m)Exposed/WindyNo
Hedge Height6ft+ (1.8m+)Damp ShadeNo
Av. Growth/Year*2-2.5ft (60-75cm)Dry ShadeNo
Wet SitesNo
NativeNoCoastal AreasYes
EvergreenYesChalky SoilNo

Av. Growth/Year* = Average growth per year in first 10-20 years, click here for more details.
Warning: Some parts of this plant may cause a skin irritation.

LEYLAND CYPRESS, GOLDEN (Cupressocyparis leylandii Castlewellan)
Golden Leylandii providing wind shelter at the Garden Centre.

Fast growing dense evergreen conifer with golden foliage. Grows 2-2.5ft (60-75cm) a year. Can be kept as small neat hedge as long as it is regularly well pruned.
HEDGE Trim in September. Plant 2ft (60cm) apart for 6ft (1.8m) hedge. For taller hedges or screens the planting distance should be about a quarter of the proposed height.
CONIFER 45ft x 15ft (14m x 4.6m) in 20 years, ultimate height not yet known, possibly the same as the green form.

 Price per plant for

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 Pg 12-20ins
3.493.252.982.60 Limited stock available.

Pg = Pot grown.


Please enter length of hedge you require below. The number of plants and price for these will then be shown on the right hand side.

Length of Hedge

Planting Distance2ft/60cm apart
for 6ft/1.8m Hedge
3ft/90cm apart
for 12ft/3.7m Hedge
4.5ft/1.4m apart
for 18ft Hedge
No Plants   
Pg  12-20ins

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