Plug PlantsWe are delighted to be able to offer a range of cell grown plants. Cell grown plants are a little more expensive than bare root field grown stock but they have the great advantage of having been raised in small containers (or cells/plugs), filled with a growing medium. The cells have been designed specially to prevent the root spiralling and to promote fibrous root growth. This method of production has been developed by a specialist nursery in Britain and most of the seed used is from native plants and we are pleased to be able to offer their excellent stock to you.

The bare root stock we have offered over the last fifty years is of excellent quality but, by its nature, transplanting involves a shock to the growth of plants which takes time to recover. With the cell grown stock the root system remains intact, and the fine fibrous feeding roots are sent out with the plant enabling rapid establishment once planted out. If the plants are cared for properly after planting the success rate is very high, thus eliminating replacing lost plants.

Although the plants we are offering in cells are generally slightly smaller than those offered bare root, because of their method of growth in the cell they establish faster and will often catch up or even overtake the size of bare root stock. They also have the great advantage that they can be planted out when not dormant thus allowing all year round planting. This means that you can choose the time to plant when the weather is pleasant or when it is convenient to you. Watering of any newly planted stock is very important whether it is bare root stock or cell grown,

The root plug contains both naturally occurring mycorrhizae (a symbiotic fungus which enhances the absorption of nutrients by the feeding root hairs) and added fertiliser. We would recommend using RootGrow when planting but if the soil is in reasonable condition extra fertiliser is not necessary when planting. However, if the soil is lacking nutrients bonemeal or similar fertiliser should be added.

The uniform compact size of the cell grown plants makes planting considerably easier than the planting of bare-root stock as the roots are often long and straggly and need a large hole.

Available in bundles of 10 cells (plugs) - shown as Cg in the catalogue listing.

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