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All plants listed in our catalogue will grow in normal soil and conditions unless otherwise stated.
If you are looking for a hedging plant to grow in particular conditions please select those conditions from this list then click on "Suggest Plants".

 Exposed Windy Sites

Dense Shade

Wet Sites

Coastal Areas 

Chalky Soil






Average Growth per Year* Type Hedge Height

Show measurements in feet/inches metres/centimetres

*Average Growth Per Year. This figure represents the annual increase in height you can expect over the first 10-20 years. We have tried to give as accurate a figure as possible but plants are not only affected by their response to soil conditions and the weather but also vary considerably in their growth habits. Some are slow in growth for the first years after planting, then grow very rapidly, others grow rapidly when young and then slow down, and others have steady growth habits. Some plants because of their form (i.e. weeping habit) may put on a lot of growth but only increase in height relatively slowly.

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