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Hozelock Soaker Hose (trickle hose) is designed to irrigate easily, efficiently and economically. Ideal for watering newly planted hedges, shrubberies, soft fruit, vegetables, greenhouse benching and bog gardens. The porous pipe can either be laid on the surface of the soil or buried beneath the surface. As the hose delivers the water direct to the soil, nearly all evaporation is eliminated. The water will spread approximately 20ins (0.5m) either side of the hose, depending on soil type, so on cultivated ground the hose should be laid at 1m (1yd) intervals. The maximum length achievable is a 50 metre run.

Supplied with connectors and water stop end. Extra fittings can be supplied - please ask for details.

Hozelock Soaker Hoze Kit

Price each

 15m  50ft
 25m  82ft

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