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Tree and Plant Ties and Labels

Buckle Tree Ties. Go to Top of Page

45cm (18 inch) long standard tree ties with buckles, suitable for bush, half standard and full standard trees.

Buckle Tree Ties


Price each for

 Per Tie0.990.90
 Pack of 10075.00

Interlocking Tree Ties. Go to Top of Page

Soft, adjustable, ties with 'figure of eight' protection between plant and stake. No spacer required. 35cm (14ins) for bush or young trees.

Interlocking Tree Ties


Price each for

 Per Tie 0.890.80
 Pack of 100 

Plant Twist Tie. Go to Top of Page

General purpose, light-weight, plastic covered wire twist tie in self-feed dispenser with built-in cutter allowing you to cut the length needed. 50m (164ft) approximately


Traditional Raffia. Go to Top of Page

Raffia is an excellent soft material for tying annual crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. At the end of the season it can be composted. It is also useful for tying soft fruit during the growing season.


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