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Scaredy Cat, Scardy Cat (Plectranthus caninus) (Coleus Canina). Go to Top of Page

Attractive half-hardy plant with grey-green foliage which gives off a strong aroma especially when touched or in the sun. The aroma is disliked by most cats and dogs. Our resident cat reacts strongly to the smell!
In summer it produces heads of pale blue flowers which also give off a strong aroma.
If planted in a container this can be moved around the garden, thus protecting different areas of the garden from unwanted attention from cats. The pot can then be over-wintered in a frost free area.
Full sun or light shade. Any reasonable soil.

Scaredy Cat, Scardy Cat (Plectranthus caninus) (Coleus Canina)


Get Off My Garden 450g (Cat & Dog Repellent). Go to Top of Page

Discourages cats and dogs from fouling lawns and gardens. The jelly like Scatter Crystals slowly release a strong, highly perfumed odour that confuses both cats & dogs sense of smell. Over a period of weeks they will be trained to move away from the treated areas to those where they can detect evidence of previous fouling odours.

Get of My Garden Scatter Crystals are approved for use on concrete, paving and around lawns and plant beds. One bottle should treat 50 sq. metres. Contains Methyl Nonylketone.


Agralan Codling Moth Trap. Go to Top of Page

Codling Moths are the major cause of maggot damage in apples and pears. The pheromone used in these traps attracts the male moths which are then caught on the sticky insert. The trap will last the whole season and refill kits are available to enable the trap to be used the next season. Beneficial insects are not attracted by the pheromone.


Agralan Glue Bands. Go to Top of Page

Winter Moth caterpillars emerge in spring to feed on foliage, flowers and young fruit. The wingless female moths climb trees in October, November and December and again in March to lay their eggs. If Agralan Glue Bands are applied around the trunk of the tree they will deter or effectively trap these pests before they can do damage. Also effective against earwigs, adult vine weevil, slugs, snails and other crawling insects. As the non-drying glue and bands are pesticide free, they are ideal for organic gardening. Enough for up to 6 average sized fruit trees.

Agralan Glue Bands


Agralan Plum Fruit Moth Trap. Go to Top of Page

The Plum Fruit Moth is a major cause of maggot damage to plums, gages and damsons. The pheromone will lure the male moths. The trap will last the whole season and refill kits are available to enable the trap to be used the next season. The traps will not attract beneficial insects.

Agralan Plum Fruit Moth Trap


Agralan Yellow Sticky Traps. Go to Top of Page

These pesticide free traps control a wide range of insect pests, including whitefly, thrips, leaf miners and green fly in the greenhouse or conservatory. Each trap is coated on both sides with a non-drying 'hard' glue and hung up with the hangers provided the bright yellow colour will attract flying insects which will be trapped and die. The traps will last for several months but should be replaced if more than half the surface is covered with insects. The mini 'sticky' traps are suitable for use with houseplants in the home.

Agralan Yellow Sticky Traps

 5 Mini Traps2.49

Vitax Fruit Tree Grease. Go to Top of Page

Fruit tree grease works on the same principle as Greasebands, but is simply the grease which is applied with a stiff brush or spatula to the tree trunk.

Vitax Fruit Tree Grease


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